About Us

Hi, Welcome to Bella Bebe Couture

In 2012, my world changed. I welcomed twin girls into the world. After having a son first, I became obsessed really quickly with the gorgeous ruffle bum bloomers I saw on etsy and Facebook. With twins, buying two of everything was expensive and with a love of everything crafty, and a need for the perfect amount of bounce and ruffle that I couldn't find in ones available, I set out to make my own. Tinkering with patterns and fabric, I came up with the perfect fit and thought, everyone else is selling them, why not me! 

So I started a Facebook page and the rest they say is history!

Bella Bebe has been through the ups and downs of life with me, expanding into manufacturing because demand out grew my hands, back to hand made with a small team and then back to me on my own. I do this because I love it and for me, creative control and quality is enjoyable and most satisfying when it is just me. The love was a little lost when I went into manufacturing so I downsized and went back to my original roots.

Welcome, it is lovely to have you here. There are many more photos on Facebook. I don't post there much these days, Im still here, I just don't have the need to promote and conquer. Id rather create joy, quietly over here, one ruffle bum bloomer pair at a time.